The Product

The first model of Candela – Candela Seven – is an open 7,7 m (25 ft) bow rider. In addition to the driver it can carry four passengers.

The world's first electric boat with a range and speed on par with a traditional, fossil fuel boat


Lenght  7,70 m

Width  2,40 m

Range  50 NM

Range sweet spot 20-25 kn

Top speed  30 kn

Motor 55 kW

Battery 44 kWh Lithium ion NMC

Foils Similar to a traffic airplane: a large π-foil close to centre of gravity and a small T-foil aft. Both fully retractable for trailing and storage. Also, a special mode for running in shallow waters.

Control Take off, cruise and landing are all fully automated. Height, roll and pitch are controlled by multiple sensors, software and hydraulic actuators operating at 100 Hz update frequency.

Charging  230V/16A or 110V/34A standard household outlet. Approx 12h for full charge.

Connection Via the cloud to an app for position, state of charge, fault diagnosis etc

Trailing Dedicated trailer available


Price 2 000 000 SEK (~190 000 EUR) excl VAT