The Product

The world's first electric boat with a range and speed on par with a traditional, fossil fuel boat


Material 100% Carbon Fiber

Range  45 NM at 20-25 kn

Top speed  30 kn

Length  7,70 m

Width  2,40 m

Weight 1300 kg

Draft 0,4 m (shallow water mode & foiling) 1,3m (foils extend at low speeds)

Motor 55 kW

Battery 40 kWh Lithium ion NMC

Persons Driver + 4 passengers

Deck Teak

Foils Similar to a traffic airplane: a large inverted π-foil close to centre of gravity and a small T-foil at the aft. Both are fully retractable for trailing and storage puposes. Also, a special mode for operating in shallow waters.

Control Take off, cruise and landing are all fully automated. Height, roll and pitch are controlled by sensor fusion, controllers, software and hydraulic actuators operating at 100 Hz update frequency.

Charging  230V/16A or 110V/34A standard household outlet. Approx 12h for full charge.

Connection Via the cloud to an app for position, state of charge, geofence-settings etc.

Stereo System 2 x Bowers & Wilkins Marine 6 waterproof speakers, and integrated Bluetooth streaming

Colours Available in 9 different colours

Harbour Cover Available in customised colours

Other Navigation system, Navigation Light & Fenders included

Optional Dedicated Trailer, Cruiser Cover and Boat Accessories available on your demand

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