The team

The team

Management & Engineering

Gustav Hasselskog

Founder & CEO

Gustav has a passion for engineering, design and boating. After studies in philosophy and science and 18 years in various management positions at start-ups and big corporations, he founded Candela in 2014.

Karl Fägersten


With an academic background in Mechanical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Karl has spent 20 years in the SW industry as a programmer, sales executive and CEO.

Alexander Sifvert

Chief Revenue Officer

After studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Alexander has spent most of his career in the software industry. Most recently as Sales & Marketing Director at one of Swedens leading IT consultancies - Valtech. Outside office, Alexander is a devoted sailor.

Simon Börjeson

Production Manager

Simon holds an MSc in Naval architecture from Stockholm and Sydney. He is devout athlete with several national gold medals in swimming. Before joining Candela he spent a few years in the Norwegian offshore industry and with the boat builder HOC Yachts.

Olivier Philippot

CAD & Composite engineering

After an Engineering degree from Ècole Central de Nantes Olivier has gathered 25 years of experience from structural analysis and composite material design. No matter if it is a boat, military helicopter or a violin, Olivier makes sure it is strong and light.

Gustav Storck

Electrical engineer

Gustav holds a MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology and has since developed missile defense systems for the fighter jet JAS 39 Gripen. Among other things, Gustav has ensured all electronics withstand the harsh marine environment.

Kristian Sloth Lauszus

Control system engineering

With a theoretical backing from the Technical  University of Denmark and a strong passion for robotics, Kristian is a front runner in the development of drones and quadcopters. He is one of the very rare talents that can jump between binary code, to complex linear algebra and into the windings of a CPU.

Claes Bonde

Mechanical engineering

With his experience from transmission development at both Scania and Volvo VCE combined with all the mechanics in the robot vacuum cleaner of Electrolux and a whole lot more, Claes represents a talent that is hard to find.

Naveen Crasta

Dynamic Modelling

Naveen holds a PhD from IIT Bombay and has thereafter done research in the fields of dynamic modeling, route planning, machine learning and control theory at several universities in Europe.

Michel Kermarec


There is probably no-one in the world that beats Michel in hydrofoil design.  He has a PhD in Hydrodynamics and competed for the French sailing team in the 1988 Olympics in Korea. Since 1995 Michel has led the dynamics teams in six America's cup campaigns, the last four with Oracle Team USA (2007, 2010 and 2013) and 2016 with the Swedish team Artemis.

Board of Directors

Hans Ahlinder

Chairman at Candela. After holding senior executive positions in companies such as Volvo, Gambro and Ericsson, Hans founded IBX in 1999 and made it a dominant player in B2B eCommerce. Today, Hans leads a company pushing the limits in sailboat technology and is the Chairman at Agapi - the world's leading provider of subscription boating.

Victoria Kjellberg

Victoria holds a Master in Law from University of Stockholm and King's University College and has since graduation had several positions as Senior lawyer. Currently she is Chief Business Officer at Palladium Fiction.

Aldus von der Burg

Aldus is a graduate in Automotive Engineering from Kingston University, UK. His current main focus is leading a company to establish ground based